The Prince (The Selection #0.5) by Kiera Cass

I was disappointed with this novella because it wasn’t what I expected. The back of the book summary said it was going to be the story of “another girl in Prince Maxon’s life.” NOPE.

The back of this book LIED. SO MANY LIES. Seriously, so disappointing. But at least this novella was better than The Elite, the second novel in this series.

If the back of this book wasn’t a bunch of BS, and the book was what the back said it was gonna about, I would have loved this novella. It wasn’t that bad writing wise, and I wasn’t too annoyed by anyone, even America…. Which, BTW, surprised me because I pretty much hated her guts by the time I finished The Elite.

Now, let me tell you what this novella was ACTUALLY about:
This novella was mostly Maxon’s POV of the beginning of The Selection book. Which would have been fine if THEY HAD TOLD ME THAT IN THE BEGINNING. I was expecting some crazy story about how Maxon loved some other girl and I got really excited.

But even though this wasn’t the story I was expecting it was okay, maybe good if I’m feeling generous. But more likely somewhere in between those.

I liked that Maxon was true to his character and he didn’t seem to waver and he didn’t seem “forced” into his lines or actions, but I still found him kinda weird and oddly formal which sorta makes him not seem real. Like, does anyone use the word “quite” and “dear” in every sentence? Is Cass trying to make him sound British or something? I get that he is royalty and probably is more formal but I don’t see Prince William saying “dear” and “quite” every other word. JUST SAYIN’.


Across the Universe (Across the Universe #1) by Beth Revis

Pretty much from the beginning, this book had me on the struggle bus with only one destination: Struggle City.

I really liked the concept of this book a bunch, but I was so over this book after page one. The plot itself wasn’t too bad but the characters annoyed me and I hated the narration.

But mostly, I hated the writing. It was just horrible.

Like, Revis felt the need to make things blatantly obvious. It was frustrating. Sometimes she would attempt to practice the classic “show not tell” but then in the next paragraph she would straight up tell you. Like, do you think your readers are stupid!? UGHHHHHH COME ON. It was just insulting and annoying.

I didn’t like the characters. I couldn’t relate to the characters. I didn’t care about the story. I thought the whole “Season” thing as a concept in general was stupid and really insanely annoying. And I know this is a story about space and it takes place in the far future but it just didn’t seem plausible to me.

Okay, I need to take a breather and go into a little more detail before I spontaneously combust.

I’ll talk about the characters first. First they were so boring and I couldn’t relate to them. FIRST THINGS FIRST: Amy is 17 and calls her dad “Daddy.” I’ll admit it, when I want something from my dad I’ll call him “Daddy” but otherwise I’m not whining all the time needing my Daddy and crying. UGH.

NOT TO MENTION that Amy is obsessed with her ex-boyfriend Jason who is/was a POS and may or may not have been cheating on her. WHY THE EFF ARE YOU STILL THINKING ABOUT HIM!?!??! 1. You’re in freakin space and 2. You’re never going to see him again. EVER. and 3. You are stupid and he was probably a jerk.

And then there’s Elder, who is sorta really stupid and I have no idea why he likes Amy because she’s so freaking annoying.

But at least we got one good character out of this horrible book: Harley. He was actually interesting and cool and I liked him. But Harley was the only person I actually liked. I hated everyone else in this book.

THE SLANG: HORRENDUS. Frex??!!? Chuntz!?!?!?? WTF IS THIS CRAP. Every time I had to read one of those words a little piece of me died inside.

I know this series has a huge following but honestly I can’t figure out why people enjoy reading this. I don’t have anyone to root for. I don’t like anyone. And I’m already bored with the setting on this stupid spaceship. I didn’t even want to write a review for this book because I wasted enough of my time on it.

Dear Across the Universe:

The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never #1) by J.A. Redmerski

I understand the appeal of this book. I really do. It’s pretty convincing too. It convinced me for a while and I got lost in the story. But then reality quickly caught up with me and I realized why a lot of people also despise this book. BUUUUT, even though this book had it’s moments, I liked it overall.

So this book is in both Camryn and Andrew’s POV. I usually hate books that switch off POV because it’s always done horribly, but I actually didn’t mind this one too much. So BRAVO.

The first half for me was GOLDEN. I completely got lost in the story and because of that, I pretty much ignored all the annoying stuff that people talk about in reviews and I liked the book. But then like halfway through I realized that this entire book had been creeping over to hang with Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGurie. In terms of: this is one of those books that you have to remind yourself is fiction so you don’t get mad. It just hit me all of a sudden. Probably around the time when Andrew pulled a Travis Maddox and started getting in fights over Camyrn (which was stupid btw)….And I sorta wasn’t prepared for it. So, because I didn’t mentally prepare to tell my head “don’t worry it’s fiction” things got all messed up.

Not to mention this book was pretty much 400-something pages of this:

Because literally every time Camryn’s name was brought up whoever had mentioned her talked about how beautiful she was for like 10 minutes. Like, OKAY, we get it, she’s really pretty. UGH.

Also, I saw a lot of other people mention this in their reviews, but this author would find a phrase she liked and then used it a lot and then she would move on to another one. Which is totally true…but that didn’t really annoy me too much. BUT what did annoy me was the amount that every character BLUSHED. It was A THING in this book. Like it was a hobby in this freaking book. I was like no one blushes that much. Seriously.

Also, I liked Andrew alone and Camryn wasn’t too bad, but here’s my problem with Camryn and Andrew: I loved them separately. I loved the idea of them together. They were perfect. BUUUUUT, the second they actually got together I barfed throughout the rest of the book.

They were THAT couple. Ya know? The one that everyone hates because they are just all PDA and smiles and they are disgustingly calling each other “baby” every 2 seconds. YEAH. WTF. You shouldn’t make me hate it when the two main characters finally end up together. I almost preferred that they remained single.

I also couldn’t believe that there was ANOTHER BOOK in this series.

How could there possibly be another book after this!? The last chapter wrapped everything up in a nice pretty bow, like we were a freaking Disney movie. It was so stupid. Everyone ended up happy and healthy and life was perfect. THE END. Literally, that was it. So can someone explain to me how there is another book? I can’t decide if I should read it or not…

Bitter Sweet Love (The Dark Elements #0.5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Instead of the typical, overused and overdone angels vs. demons JLA does gargoyles vs. demons? OMG, LOVE IT. What an awesome idea. Angels are boring anyway.

Bitter Sweet Love is the prequel to JLA’s new Dark Elements series. So, while this novella follows Dez and Jasmine, the series will be following Layla, a character we meet for like 2 seconds at the end. I liked this novella, it was fast-pace and it was pretty action-packed!

I love JLA. She always creates really awesome characters and I’m always impressed. I really liked the main characters of this novella, Dez and Jasmine. They were really awesome separately and were seriously really cute together.

Jasmine wasn’t as kick-ass or as awesome as most of JLA’s female leads are but I still liked her. And of course JLA struck gold when she wrote Dez. He is just awesome….and swoon worthy, obviously!

We also briefly met Layla, the main character for the series. I don’t have anything particularly good to say about her. She seemed a little…“blah”….for lack of a better adjective. And she seemed a little shy and to put it bluntly, boring. We also met Zayne, who will also be in the series. He seemed weird-ish…I didn’t like him….and he’s weirdly possessive…so I guess we’ll see how big of a role he has in the book.

So, like I said, The Dark Elements series will be following Layla’s story…and while I’m intrigued and will definitely be reading this series, Layla seems kinda lame as far as kickass heroines go. Which makes me disappointed and freaks me out a little but. What if her character really is stupid and she ruins this series for me!?

This novella was sorta a teaser for the series and I’m so pumped to see where this series is going to go. It makes me sad that I’m less than thrilled about Layla and Zayne being in the series because I really liked Jasmine and Dez but I’m hoping Layla’s way more awesome than my first impression of her. But, regardless, I will never write off a JLA series because I’m always pleasantly surprised! Can’t wait to read the first book!!


Intangible (Piercing the Veil #1) by C.A. Gray

I wanted to like this book. I actually really tried to like this book. Especially because I wanted C.A. Gray to rep my hometown of Tucson, AZ well…..haha NOPE. For me, this was one of those books that sounded good in theory, but was really poorly executed.

So here’s my mini story about how I came across this book: I picked this book up (figuratively) because it was a NetGalley ARC that had gotten really good reviews on Goodreads. The back of the book blurb intrigued me. From what I gathered, this book would be an action/adventure/fantasy novel, which would weave in bits of Arthurian Legend. Other reviewers who gave the book good reviews said they weren’t interested in Arthur Legends until they read this book. So I was like: PERFECT. Because I actually love the legends of King Arthur, Camelot, and the Knights of the Round Table. But this book did NOT live up to the hype I created for it.

I was super disappointed because the high fantasy genre has been letting me down a lot these days. And now, after reading this book, I’m fed up with it.

I don’t even know where to begin with my review. I don’t want to rip this book apart, but at the same time I really did not enjoy reading this book. I mean, I can crank out books, fast. Like, I can read a book every 2 or 3 days. But this book? It took me 3 WEEKS. That’s the longest I’ve spent reading a book in probably…like, 8 months. Seriously. That’s how…umm, I want to say “boring” but instead I’ll say “not gripping” this book was.

I can’t honestly say it was “boring” because a lot did happen… Gray just didn’t make me excited about what was happening. She didn’t make me care about her storyline, or her characters, or the fate of Carlion/Avalon/etc.

A lot of people liked this book because they liked the way that fantasy and science were imbedded together. But I thought the science was pushed way way too hard in this book. And, Disclaimer: I love science. It’s my jam, my bread and butter, and all that jazz… But seriously, I started to get annoyed with Peter trying to explain everything as science. I was like: Yo, homeboy, listen up: You are in a freaking fantasy novel, let loose and enjoy the ride.

Seriously. Holy hell. That kid was so annoying with all of his theories. I was like: Man, just STFU. UGH.

Which sort of is the best lead-in I’ll ever get to talk about my least favorite character ever, Peter.

(ATTN: SARCASM) I just love the premise: Peter is a 14 year old kid who has a knack for quantum physics?! LOLZ . OH YEAH, I’M SURE. SOUNDS REAL PLAUSIBLE DUDE. Basically, I just didn’t like him. Which is probably half the reason why I didn’t care about this book.

This book was pretty hard to get into and it took forever for things to start happening. Also, for one of the first times in my life, I was reading this book and I was like: WOW. I am too old for this. I can’t even describe it. The dialogue was juvenile, the characters were annoying, and the general plot and interactions between characters seemed petty.

My only weird comparison is that this book sorta had a Harry Potter-like feel to it. (mostly because of the whole “three amigos” thing and having a “chosen one”…) But, I mean, I’ve reread the entire Harry Potter series past the age of 18 and still really enjoyed it. But this book? I was like one of those kindergarteners that hates story time and just wants to play on the jungle gym. I was like: NOOOOO, I DON’T WANT TO READ THIS DUMB BOOK.


This ARC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Days of Blood & Starlight (Daughter of Smoke & Bone #2) by Laini Taylor

There is only one word to describe this book: Epic.

This book and this series is EPIC. There is no other way to describe it. Taylor’s writing makes the events in this book feel so real. I was cringing, laughing, and squealing throughout this entire book.

I definitely liked this book better than the first book. Believe it or not, the second book was far more exciting and action-packed. I liked the first book a lot, which is sorta a big deal based my on track record for hating the first books in series. But the second book? It blew me away. If I had any reservations about where this series was going the second book shattered them.

I love the direction the series is going. It was totally unexpected…not that this is a series anyone can remotely predict. But geez, there was stuff happening all over the place. Pretty much every chapter had something huge happening that absolutely blew me away.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I didn’t go anywhere without this book for 2 days. I was almost obsessed to figure out what was going to happen. Okay, fine, I’ll admit it: I was obsessed. I snuck in reading paragraphs everywhere. I brought it with me grocery shopping and read in the check out line, I brought it to the movies and read it during the previews, I brought it to the liquor store to buy champagne for New Years, I even kept it at the dinner table while I was eating… Seriously, is there rehab for this? I’m an addict.

Me, reading this book:

Everyone else around me:

Because this was the second book in the series I didn’t expect there to be any more new characters but there were! And what’s better? I love ALL of the new characters that were introduced.

I love Akiva even more in this book. In my review for Daughter of Smoke & Bone, I believe I said that I wasn’t obsessed with Akiva even though I liked his character. I can’t say I’m obsessed with him YET (yet being the operative word) but I love him so much more. I’m a sucker for these heartbroken, suffering characters. And Akiva is probably the most heartbroken and suffering of all of them. But he still manages to be a good person! Which is an anomaly for suffering heartbroken characters like his. AND I LOVE HIM FOR IT.

Also, NEW CHARACTER ALERT: I really like Ziri a LOT. Why is he so awesome? And his story is so cute and he’s a Kirin and I love him and I’m rambling and not thinking in coherent sentences and I may or may not love him more than Akiva….Ahhh, I just said it. It’s true. I really like Ziri.

There are so many other things I wish I could say, but that would just SPOIL the entire book and possibly the series so I’ll stop now.

But before I sign off on characters, I have to at least have one sentence declaring my profound hatred of the White Wolf.

But really, I raved about Daughter of Smoke & Bone and urged everyone to go read it. But now I’m REALLY, VEHEMENTLY, SUGGESTING THAT YOU GO READ THIS SERIES NOW. It’s already pretty popular but I could see this series blowing up as soon as the last book comes out. Jump on the bandwagon now before it’s too late!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014!

There are so many books being released this year that I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on! Here’s my list for 2014 so far! Please let me know if I’m forgetting some amazing book! Also, I managed to finish a book on New Year’s Eve, so expect a review to come soon! 🙂

Books Released in 2014:

Opposition (Lux #5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski
The Fifty-Seven Lives of Alex Wayfare by M.G. Buehrlen
Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout
The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare
Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater
Sweet Reckoning (The Sweet Trilogy #3) by Wendy Higgins
The One (The Selection #3) by Kiera Cass
Dreams of Gods & Monsters (Daughter of Smoke & Bone #3) by Laini Taylor
Panic by Lauren Oliver
Untitled (The Raven Cycle #3) by Maggie Stiefvater
White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover
Alienated by Melissa Landers

Real (Real #1) by Katy Evans

Where do I even begin?! ERRMAHHGERDDD.

I can’t even count the number of times I rolled my eyes while reading this book. Usually when I talk about “rolling my eyes” I don’t mean literally…like, I’m not actually rolling my eyes but I was just thinking something was stupid or annoying. But for this book, I actually mean I was LITERALLY ROLLING MY EYES. My eyes started to actually hurt from rolling them so many times, I’m not even kidding.

This book is just pure, trashy, cheesy romance. And it sucks. Boxing is so cool and I really just wanted this to be a good book. I thought because this was boxing it would be totally cool and unexpected. AND, I love when books don’t follow the typical structure of a romance, but this one definitely did.

Remember how I read Walking Disaster/Beautiful Disaster recently? Yeah? Well, essentially this book is that on steroids. Remy is now an underground ex-pro boxer who travels the world and boxes. He hires Brooke for her “skills” at being a rehab person or something like that. And guess what. You’ll probably NEVER guess…. THEY FALL IN LOVE.

Brooke and Remy pretty much fell in love at first glance….not even a look, it was a glance…which was then followed by a look. And then continued to have communication problems the entire way through the book which prevented them from actually getting together and then blah blah blah, happily ever after, the end.

The most tragically hilarious part about this book is that I want to rip (haha punny) on Remy aka Riptide for being “bipolar” but in a new gruesome twist he actually is BIPOLAR. Like diagnosed. So if I ripped on him I’d be making fun of a mentally ill person, which isn’t cool. But damn is it difficult with this character.

Oh and apparently Brooke is basically a sex slave for Remy. Which is all kinds of effed up. Here’s how it goes. Remy goes haywire, maniac, and everyone tells Brooke she better get “prepared.” So she can “calm him down.”

THESE SICKOS. WTF. I can’t even count how many ways of wrong that is. And this girl is delusional enough to think this is a relationship? I’m sorry, maybe Brooke is the insane one.

But also I should mention that little Brookey still found Remy attractive after she found out that he’s basically been sleeping around with whores and prostitutes his whole life. Maybe he wasn’t doing that while she knew him but STILL. That’s disgusting. Who KNOWS what kind of diseases this dude has. AND on top of that, they only have unprotected sex in the whole book. Excuse me, please go back to 5th grade and have the sex talk with ANYONE.

Also, can we just talk about how stupid and weird it is that our little friend Brooke gets turned on by watching Remy pound the shit out of other people’s faces? So weird… and really disturbing. And based on that weird quirk I’m surprised this book didn’t turn into some weird S&M thing. Alright, thank God for that, but seriously. UGH.

So, surprisingly, this book is actually a series and there are more books. And apparently people want to read them. Which I find hard to believe….I mean not only was the storyline formulaic but the writing was sorta crap. There were paragraphs and in some cases pages where I literally zoned out because I couldn’t focus on the writing. I really have no idea where this series could possibly go that I can’t already predict. Dippin’ out on the rest of this series. Peace out.

Slammed (Slammed #1) by Colleen Hoover

This book was…wow. Totally unexpected.

How I decide whether a book is good is very simple. Once I finish a book I ask myself a question and my answer will usually tell me how much I liked it. The question I ask myself is: would I be willing to reread this book? Over the years, I’ve had a variety of responses. But not even halfway through this book I was already dying to reread this book.

I was a little concerned and skeptical about this book in the beginning. I’m not super into poetry…or slam poetry for that matter and I thought this book would just be a pair of overly sensitive emotional teenagers falling in love or something. So, I actually had this book in my possession for a while before I actually got around to reading it. But now that I’ve read it I wish I had read it sooner. Because it was that good.

I’m a big fan of Colleen Hoover’s writing. BIG FAN. It’s so simple and it’s not flowerly. It’s straight to the point and you don’t have to go running to the dictionary every 30 seconds to look up a word that no one in real life uses.

I loved the story it wasn’t one of those formulaic books where it was like: boy meets girl, they fall in love break up, get back together, happily ever after. It was unique and it kept me on my toes the whole time. And it’s addicting. This book is like a drug. At the start of every chapter I was like “I’ll go to bed after this one” and at the end of every chapter I was like “ERRMAHGERDDD JUST ONE MORE.” I’m not even kidding that’s what I did until I finished the book. IN ONE NIGHT.

This book definitely puts you on an emotional roller coaster. And just when you think you’ve heard the end of it, something else pops up. It never ends. By like the third chapter I was like HOLD UP

Surprisingly I wasn’t in love with Lake or anything. She wasn’t annoying or anything but she wasn’t anything particularly special either. I liked her a lot, she was funny sometimes but it’s not like she’s at the top of my list for favorite characters or anything.

BUT, OMG, Will?!?!

Oh heeeeey, Will Cooper:

Break me off a piece of that. I think Colleen Hoover writes really good troubled characters and that’s half the reason I like Will. My heartstrings were being pulled and I was an emotional wreck. How can anyone read this and not fall in love with him? You feel so bad for him and he puts everyone’s needs above his own and I’m just like:

I hated that Will and Lake could never be together. It was the most depressing thing ever. I kept reading, waiting for something to happen whenever they were in a scene together. And then throughout the book they would alternate pissing each other off and then as soon as they would make up I’d be like:

But pretty much ever since their first MEETING I was like:

I cannot wait til I get the next book. I have a list of books I need to read before I drop everything to go find the second book but GAHHHH I NEED THIS BOOK. I wish I could teleport over to the bookstore and buy it and teleport back to my bed so I could snuggle it forever and read.

Walking Disaster (Beautiful #2) by Jamie McGuire

So, I recently read Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover, which was a phenomenal example of when authors “re-write” a book in another characters POV. Walking Disaster is a perfect example of one of these books where the author semi-fails miserably.

The first thing this book made me realize is that Abby is a huge bitch. Seriously. Either that or she’s moody/PMS-ing all day erryday. Because I read this book and I couldn’t figure out why Travis liked her so much. And not just Abby, America too! She was a ragging bitch like 60% of the time.

When I read Beautiful Disaster and met Abby and America I was like:

But now that I’ve read Walking Disaster, I have an amendment:

It’s that bad. I’m not even kidding. Like, America was mad at Shep for the stupidest things. She would just all of a sudden FLIP OUT and I didn’t get why he was still with her and then Abby was never nice to Travis. Like, what?! I didn’t even notice it until I read this book!

Also, I’m glad I read Beautiful Disaster before I read Walking Disaster because there was a lot I wouldn’t get if I hadn’t read it. Like there were a lot of blanks that I had to fill in with my knowledge of the first book, which was really annoying.

I know this is the same story with a different POV, but it was so boring. It actually didn’t even feel that different from Abby’s POV. I guess I’m comparing it to Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover again, because that book felt brand new and there were insights on things that I never understood…but this book didn’t have any of that. Except for the story at the beginning with Travis and his mother, there was literally nothing new or unexpected in this book. I want to talk more about the mom story, but more of that later…

Another bone to pick with this book, and THIS is why I hate books that try to write the story in another characters perspective…. Ready? Travis is bipolar.

He pretty much thought, one way and acted a completely different way. It was that, or it just felt really forced. Like, something would happen that I knew made Travis mad in Beautiful Disaster but while I was reading it through his POV I didn’t really get why he got so mad all of a sudden. I’m just so confused at who he is now.

Now on to the little story about Travis’ mother… I thought it was hilarious how the reason Travis fights so hard is because of his dying mother or whatever. It sounds like a touching story but, honestly, I didn’t buy it. It was so random and I kept wanting to shake Travis and be like: SHE DIDN’T MEAN LITERALLY FIGHT. COME ON, YOU IDIOT. And it was mentioned in the beginning and then it was pretty much never mentioned again… Honestly, I’m not buying whatever this book is selling.

But enough about what I hated, let me tell you some things that I actually liked. I liked the interactions with Shep and Travis. They seemed like pretty typical college guys and I liked that the way the guys spoke to each other was realistic. It was impressive and at times hilarious. Most female authors really make their guy characters into girly sensitive wimps and it’s not realistic and frankly it’s quite annoying. At least Jamie McGuire made these dudes sound like regular college guys. It was refreshing.

That’s pretty much the only saving quality of this story. Oh, and before I go, let me address the monstrosity that I call the epilogue. This might be a bit of a spoiler, but the epilogue was quite disturbing. So Abby and Travis’ daughter is basically a little girl who gets in fights and punches kids. Like father, like daughter??? AHHHH. This is not what I wanted to hear about in their future!!!!! Their family sounds like a hundred serial killers in the making. Geez, people like them shouldn’t be able to reproduce.